Space youth, smokey aliens, noisy reptiles, violent pirates, time travelers, circus troupes, love survivors, and others...

Welcome on board!

The destination is Jetlag ADM: a space in the west harbour of Amsterdam.
Dazzling time and space travelling risky, experimental and mad circus & music shows.



We are bringing you full on experimental circus performances with mind blowing music!

DJ Bone


DJ Bone


FRI 18.8.   GATE 1   20:00

FRI 18.8.   GATE 1   21:45

FRI 18.8.   GATE 1   23:00

Captain Frank and the Cheap Ho´s


Captain Frank and the Cheap Ho´s

FRI 18.8.   GATE 7   22:00

FRI 18.8.   GATE 1   15:30

Beyond the Borders


Beyond the Borders


SAT 19.8.   ambulant   01:45

Garden of Flames

Puppetery fire

Garden of Flames

SUN 20.8.   GATE 3   23:00





SUN 20.8.   GATE 7   19:30

Interactive space "Impromtus"

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For all, by all, with everything and everywhere

For the JETLAG#3, the RPT collective will show you their own projects inside the "interactive space"...
... where madness will meet sweetness and absurdity.
Musicians will meet circus performers and visual artists inside the Interactive space. RPT collective and other members from the Jetlag will present those moments of work, improvisation and sharing, everywhere and at every moment on the festival.arrows right Be aware !!


NASA refused the funding for this year’s Jetlag edition because of their executive’s attempt to eliminate serious competition. The festival has no funding and/or subsidy from outside. Everybody involved with this festival does that on a voluntary basis.

The Jetlag ADM Festival is organised by the Side Kunst Cirque, La Virgule, RPT Collective and ADM.
Side Kunst cirque and La Virgule are both circus collectives based in Toulouse (FR). RPT = Reaction Power Trio is a variable geometry collective from Nancy (FR), based on improvised and experimental music. ADM is the biggest and longest surviving cultural freehaven in the Netherlands.

We share the idea of creating a festival to shake up the circus scene. As such, we welcome circus artists, musicians an visitors to meet and create in the Impromptus Interactive Space.

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We are entering the Jetlag working zone: Fun is the fuel for the Jetlag odyssey.

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Opening times

  • 18.8. 20:00 01:00
  • 19.8. 15:00 03:00
  • 20.8. 15:00 01:00
  • * 18.8. is a Try out night of the festival


  • 18.8. entry on donation
  • 19.8. 15
  • 20.8. 15
  • Pass-partout 20
  • * Children under 12 years old: free entrance

no dogs - we love your fluffies, but we have a lots of them here already

limited parking - please use other transport, for example a bike, is much better for the environment

no pin machine - yes, it is possible, we do not have a pin machine on site

no camping - unfortunately, it is not possible to stay to camp all weekend on the terrain

How to get to the festival


The scenic route (12 kms from Amsterdam centraal) see blue route on the map. This route brings you through the westerpark, community gardens and a nature zone before you enter the industrial port of Amsterdam…
The faster route (10 kms) see blue road on the map
Alternatively you could follow any of the green routes indicated by the new google maps bike option…


Go to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station (see for times) from where you can catch the shuttle bus to the ADM (and back again).

Shuttle bus

We will have a shuttle bus service between the ADM (entrance gate) and Piarcoplein near Sloterdijk station. The shuttle bus will be driving every full hour during the opening hours of the festival for a price of 2 euro. When is busy, the shuttle bus will be driving more frequently.